Rowley Poleys Childrens Soft Play Brighouse

We were luck enough to be invited to a preview event of the only childrens soft play area and café in Brighouse! A close friend of ours told us that she was opening a Childrens Soft Play center in Brighouse with her sister in law and invited us for a sneak preview of the place last weekend, the same day as the annual Brighouse Charity Gala, and we had a great time!

In a prime location next to Welholme Park and above the ever present Brighouse car dealership J.C Bates & sons, I have no doubt that Rowley Poleys will be a huge success. The two people responsible for the incarnation of this fantastic venture are sister-in-laws Rebecca and Michelle, both mums and between them have great experience in Child Care and business management.

We took the boys down to have a sneaky look at what everyone else could expect from Today and the were both amazed, in the weeks since we went they have both been pestering to go back again almost daily and whenever we pass the building they both start shouting “Rowley Poleys!!”.

Its a really deceptive space that they have used to its full potential with sections for different ages and tastes with two safe playing areas for babies from birth through to toddling with sensory stimulation and plenty of soft toys. There are a further two areas for toddlers with plenty of ride on toys, a trampoline and climbing frame with slide and a swing, and also role playing toys to really get their imagination developing. For the older children there is the Activity Room which contains all kinds of dressing up equipment, arts and crafts equipment and a chalk board wall for plenty of funny messages and creativity!

Each of the sections have been decorated in its own individual theme, with the ride on toy area having a road theme, there is also a circus and outdoors themed areas too.

And now for the parents!

The cafe is great with the best Rocky Road I’ve ever tasted ever, Flapjacks to die for and a great selection of hot and cold drinks and snacks (all available to view on their website

There will also be a seasonal menu and a picnic builder for the kids with daily specials advertised on the boards. The Cafe seats 28 and can be booked for parties, it has the facilities for warming baby food and bottles free of charge and the huge bonus for me is that there is a changing facility in the gents as well as the ladies, you’d be surprised at how many places don’t have a changing facility in the gents.

And any parents that aren’t a big fan of doing the weekly shop can send the other half to Tesco via the gate in the car park, and enjoy a cuppa in the cafe at Rowley Poleys while the little ones enjoy the childrens soft play areas.

The boys absolutely love visiting it and i am making a video of them telling me what they like best about Rowley Poleys which will appear here soon. We love it at Rowley Poleys and i’m sure you will too!