It’s been a while since i last posted on here and lots has gone on, the boys are growing up fast, T is now 4 and starts school in September and R is 2 and hitting the terrible twos but neither are babies anymore :(

Not to worry though my friends are kindly providing an army of testers as each of them seem to be popping out offspring constantly. And i know I’ve always got my fantastic readers to call upon if i need someone to lend a hand with a review or a write up.

So whats been going on in my life, well i finally made an honest women out of N we married on 10th May in a lovely ceremony with our nearest and dearest there it was an amazing day and i’m glad i was given two pieces of great advice “take it all in, it goes so fast”, it really does! and the second was from my step-dad who offered the pearl of wisdom in the church “Don’t worry, its a piece of piss. I’ve done it loads of times!” (my mum is his second wife).

The highlight of the ceremony was T who wanted to be part of the ceremony, and we were fine with that, but someone said he had to sit down and he decidedsulk to stand on the end of a pew and sulk….for the whole ceremony lol.

And then the two of us left the boys with Nana and headed off on our Honeymoon to the stunning Marrakesh for 7 nights, and what a time we had, I would recommend it to anyone as somewhere to visit at least once in your lifetime, the city is such a lively place, so colourful, fast paced and busy but it has some wonderful things to see too, the Gardens of Jacques Majorelle are a stunning tranquil place to visit in such a bustling surroundings.

Pure bliss!

Whats next for well we’ve got a few items to write reviews for and some great things to support, we’ve been invited to a sneak preview of Rowley Poleys Childrens indoor soft play centre in Brighouse this weekend so i’ll be letting you all know what we think.

As always we are still looking at the fun, inventive, useful and unique gadgets, so if you know of any that you think we’d like get in touch.

It’s great to be back, I hope you are looking forward to our future posts.