Keep your home safe!

Well this week has been an interesting one so far, one that has left us a little on edge and with a lot of changes to make.

The main event was Monday night, we’d settled down in bed to watch TV as usual, Nigella started to nod about 11:30, i decided to get up for a drink and as i wasn’t really settling in bed I jumped on the sofa to watch a bit of TV around 1:30am i heard a few noises, and thinking it was one of the kids or the boiler got up to investigate.

I realised the noise was coming from the kitchen so i flicked on the light. I was shocked (to say the least), to see a figure through the frosted window on the door. As soon as he appeared, he disappeared again! I foolishly rushed to the door unlocked it and rushed out after the unknown figure but he was nowhere to be seen. Reality took over from the adrenaline, how stupid i was stood here in the back yard, with the back door wide open and an unknown would be burglar around somewhere?

After locking up the door I noticed there was a stick on the floor that wasn’t there before. then it clicked, i’d left the keys in the door when i went to bed and Nigellas handbag was still hung on the pushchair handles just inside the door.

This opportunist had obviously been peeping through letterboxes looking for easy targets, the strange thing is however, why would you try it on a house where the lights and TV are clearly on?

I called the police and they came out quickly, had an unmarked car patrolling the area and were stopping anyone out and about at that time of the morning. ¬†unfortunately no one was found, and when the Scene Of Crime Officer had dusted and found nothing it was a bit of a disappointment. So we’re here waiting for the police to find someone wondering if they’ll be back to try again or if i did enough to keep them away for good.

Prevention is better than the cure

The police advised me of a few things to do to keep the house a little more secure, all common sense really but complacency does play a big part when you are a busy parent rushing around at a thousand miles an hour.

  • Do not leave keys in the lock or on view
  • Keep valuables out of site
  • Close Blinds and Curtains when you go to bed
  • make sure you have good locks on doors and windows

All really simple but you’ll be amazed how often you forget to do one of these, and these are the reason that i am writing this, to prevent anyone else going through what i did or worse!

It doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened if i hadn’t got up when i did.

Please don’t be as daft as i was, follow the guidelines above and if you see someone trying to get in DO NOT go outside, secure your property and call the police.¬†