Ok so the moral of this story is “Always…..ALWAYS do your research!”

I was thinking about setting up a social media hashtag event and decided that “daddyhour” would be fine to use (don’t use it or search for it…believe me!), I’d looked a couple of days ago and there were a few old tweets but nothing regular. so I wrote a blog post, and shared it across the social networks (as I have with this) to let everyone know my brilliant idea. At this point I decided to check the hashtag to see if it was being used to be met with a horrific sight…… a naked man!

Disturbing as it is that this is out there on twitter I understand that it is a tool to post whatever you want and if I had researched I wouldn’t have had to quickly delete all reference to said hashtag on my site, blog, twitter and Facebook before anyone saw and associated it with the positive way I was hoping to use the hashtag.

So after a bit more research, (and time so wash my eyes) i decided #dadhour would be more suitable.

I’d like to get your thoughts on setting up this twitter hour for dad bloggers, stay at home dads, and dads in the baby business.

I would also like to hear from anyone that would be interested in taking part and any suggestions on days/times.