According to one National Newspaper, Manchester City’s new foreign signings are turning to CBeebies to learn the basics of English as quick as possible and settle in to the team.

Alongside their new teammates, some of the more established Premier League stars are also using Children’s TV to polish their vocab, with Sergio Aguero’s recent TV interviews in English being attributed in some part to the programs.

Do your children use TV as a main learning tool? Do you believe it has a place in the Education system for children as well as educating footballers?

I’m sure everyone over a certain age remembers wheeling the TV in to class and the excitement of getting to sit on the carpet and watch a grainy VHS video. I’m sure modern classrooms now have TV’s as standard, but is the standard of program as good?

I personally believe that new children’s TV is great, the structure is brilliant for children to aid their learning, along with fun play, activities and getting out exploring the real world with mum and dad.

If its good enough to be used for Educating Footballers then it must have some educational benefits.