iCandy peach blossom travel system with Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat.

Throughout the pregnancy with Ralphie one thing kept nagging at us…. Which travel system should we go for? We already had a stroller for Tommy and he wasn’t quite ready to walk everywhere so we would need a double that was suitable from birth and for a toddler.

As always we did our research, visited showrooms and tried out quite a few different brands, and we chose one, the britax b-dual so a deposit was paid, goods were ordered then the week before collection I received an email saying it was no longer available and the new model cost an extra £200!! ORDER CANCELLED.

So we decided to have a look at other retailers and what they had in stock as we were now 4 weeks off the due date. We looked at the Baby Jogger City Select, which was lovely and seemed to fit all the criteria until the Tommy test, the toddler seat is over the front wheel and as the wheel base is quite long it was almost impossible for the boss (35 weeks pregnant at the time) to lift the front wheel off the floor to get over curbs etc, so I tried and it was a struggle to leaver the front wheel up. So on to the next pram. We spotted the iCandy Peach Blossom in the same shop and decided to take a look, ignoring the price tag and taking the travel system for what it was we were very impressed. Light weight but sturdy, huge basket underneath, height adjustable handle, compact when folded, short wheel base so great on public transport and it can be used as a tandem or a single.

To use it as a tandem you do have to purchase adapters and a second seat unit, there are also separate adapters for the car seat in single and tandem modes, if you chose to buy one. The car seat recommended by everyone we spoke to was the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix as the .

So we had found the one, all we needed to do was find it at the right price, and as with any big purchase the price tag is only the RRP. We called up as many retailers of the iCandy as we could find, and got a quote, each time telling them the price we had been quoted minus a little bit or with an extra adapter or rain cover until we got the price we wanted with all the accessories we needed. It works a treat, if you don’t ask then you’ll never know. The best price we got was from the place where we had first tried it out BabyCare – www.babycareonline.co.uk the staff were excellent, very knowledgeable and always helpful.

We’ve been using the iCandy for almost 4 months now and it’s brilliant, it’s smooth and easy to push in almost all conditions (not so good over dry sand). We’ve only used it as a single with the standard seat and as a double with the addition of the car seat so far. Both configurations still allow great access to the basket underneath, the only downside is that the toddlers seat cannot be reclined with the car seat attached and there are two different adapters for the car seat (bought seperately) one for the single configuration and an additional set for the double.

The tyres are made of foam which is hard wearing and are great in almost any conditions although they do have a tendency to get stones stuck in them, not a major issue but it is slightly annoying.

This is a great looking pram and definitely has the wow factor. It’s suitable from birth to toddlers and can be changed to suit your circumstances wether you are a parent of one or two, even if you have twins this stroller looks great with two car seats.

I would recommend this to anyone with the right budget, and if you think an iCandy is out of there price range take a look into it because you can pick up a great deal by shopping around.�

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