We have been selected by Graco as one of the 5 tester to promote the Graco Symbio b Travel System.
We will update this page with our opinions and clever ways of promoting it.

We would love to hear from you if you have one or your questions if you are thinking of buying one.

graco3The New Arrival!

Not too long after we got Ralphie home for the first time and settled in, we had another new arrival, our brand new Graco Symbio b Travel System. I had to wait for Tommy to go down for his afternoon nap before getting it out of the box and setting it up. I decided that seen as the iCandy Peach Blossom that we bought only had the car seat suitable for Ralphie I would set the Symbio b in the lie flat pram configuration.

graco1It was fairly straight forward to assemble and within a few minutes Ralphie was snoozing away in the extremely comfortable looking pram and posing perfectly for his picture above, tomorrow I’ll be taking it out and about and seeing how we get on with it.

First Impressions

It seems to be a very well built and extermely comfy for the baby, it looks ideal to take on long walks, the reversable handle will come in handy for switching the pram around to sheild the boys from the elements.

The only obvious down sides to this pram is the lack of adjustable handle and the small storage basket underneath, these might not cause any problems but if they do i’m sure it will come to light tomorrow, the height of the handle seems ok for me and at 6’3″ I sometimes have problems with this type of thing.

First Trip Out

graco2We decided that we would start with a small trip to the local shop, about 10 mins walk away. This was our opportunity to test the Symbio B and the new Reins we bought for Tommy, we usually take out our Tandem travel system but decided it was time to bite the bullet and let Tommy have a bit more freedom.

It Took Tommy a little while to adjust to the reins but it took The Boss no time at all to manoeuvre the Symbio B through our narrow cottage door and out over the step with minimal effort, our other prams and strollers have always struggled to get out of our door due to the step up on the inside, but none of them had the same pneumatic tyres as this.

So we had made it out of the house and on to the unadopted road we live on and once again the chassis, suspension and tyres made light work of the rough terrain, Ralphie was sound asleep by the time we had got to the shop and Tommy was loving his new “Bat Pack” Reins.

Ralphie seems to be extremely comfy in the lay flat configuration, and slept all the way to the shop and back, the last pram we used like this was a Mamas and Papas Ultima 8 in 1 and the Travel Cot on that was extremely wide, which meant that when Tommy was lay down in it as a new born he had space and inevitably ended up rolling to one side and looked extremely uncomfortable, this is not the case with the Graco Symbio B, it is padded, and is not too wide so Ralphie stayed where he was supposed to, the Extendable UV- protective canopy did brilliantly to shade the sun and the wind off Ralphie, and the thing that made it for me is the reversible handle as it makes getting your little one in and out of the travel system easier as it can be moved completely out of the way to allow unrestricted access to your child.

I have pushed plenty of prams and strollers of the the last 2 years and this is up there with the smoothest and lightest I have used, it might be because we have got so used to the heavier tandem travel system that this seems extremely light, but we will find out tomorrow when we hand over control to the Grandparents for the next stage of testing, there will also be a review on Tommy’s Reins soon too.