The lovely people over at Chillipeeps sent this for us to have a play with and we got straight on the case with Ralphie, they are suitable for 3 months plus and we tried them when Ralphie was just 1, he might be a little old for them but it gave us an idea of how they worked and just how useful they would be.


The Test

It was a bit of an unintentional first use, which is always good. I’d put the teat into the nappy bag, “just in case” and set off out to York for the day with Grandma and the boys.

We decided to stop off for something to eat at a farm shop cafe, when it came to chosing drinks for the boys the only choice were cartons of Ribena. This was fine for Tommy but Ralphie is nowhere near mastering a straw yet, so it would have to be a carton poured into is cup, then i remembered the Chillipeeps Teat. (The Chillipeeps Teat & Spout are suitable for ready-made formula milk cartons and bottled mineral water, to prevent tooth decay only give milk and water.)

The teat screwed straight in to the straw hole and made a perfect seal that didn’t leak a drop. Ralphie was able to hold the carton and drink through the teat all by himself and we didnt have to worry about spills.

It was a great first experience using it, once unscrewed the plastic case contains the teat and stops any drips getting on the things in your nappy bag.


The Brand

The idea was born In Yorkshire, when Claire had set off to a family party with her baby, she knew she had a carton of ready-made formula in the car but couldn’t remember if she picked up the clean sterilised bottle. Knowing her baby would need a feed whilst she was out, she asked her husband to check for the bottle while she wondered why no-one had invented anything that could attach directly to the carton. Eureka!?

The Chillipeeps Teat comes in two variants a STANDARD (pink/blue packaging) that needs sterilising prior to first use and a STERILISED (green packaging) that is ready for first use straight from the packet.