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Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Children 2013

Top Christmas Toys for Children 2013 Christmas is getting closer and parents all over the world are sitting down with their children to write letters to Father Christmas (Pere Noel in Belgium and France, Viejo Pascuero (“Old Man Christmas”) in… Continue Reading →

Children’s TV Educating footballers?

According to one National Newspaper, Manchester City’s new foreign signings are turning to CBeebies to learn the basics of English as quick as possible and settle in to the team. Alongside their new teammates, some of the more established Premier… Continue Reading →

Home Safety

Keep your home safe! Well this week has been an interesting one so far, one that has left us a little on edge and with a lot of changes to make. The main event was Monday night, we’d settled down… Continue Reading →

How do we stop it?

How do we prevent another Hamzah Khan case? Now i know this is a very sensitive subject to write about on here but the whole situation angers and concerns me! As a parent i am appalled that this could happen to… Continue Reading →

#dadhour – lets get dads tweeting

Ok so the moral of this story is “Always…..ALWAYS do your research!” I was thinking about setting up a social media hashtag event and decided that “daddyhour” would be fine to use (don’t use it or search for it…believe me!),… Continue Reading →

Our Family Day out on the Scarborough Spa Express

Our Family Day on The Scarborough Spa Express *UPDATE* – As i’m getting a lot of hits on this page looking for information about the Scarborough Spa Express Steam Train, I thought I’d better update it and let you know… Continue Reading →

Feeding baby on holiday – Gadgets

What do i need to consider for feeding baby on holiday? Are you heading off on holiday this summer? Trying to find a solution to feeding baby on holiday? One of our readers who is a new Mum and is… Continue Reading →

Working Dads

Working Dads – are we really missing out? Are you a Working Dad? Did you(or your partner) take paternity leave when you had your little ones? This wouldn’t have even been thought about 25 years ago, Mums looked after children… Continue Reading →

Being a Dad in a mum’s world.

I have noticed that blogging about and reviewing baby related products and services is most definitely a mummy dominated area. As a dad that does this I don’t think I’m alone in saying that sometimes I feel a bit left… Continue Reading →

The Real Iron Man

This Sunday, while most of us dads will be waking up to face the day with a few presents and a day of being spoilt a very good friend of mine and a dad of three will be doing something… Continue Reading →

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