Working Dads – are we really missing out?

Are you a Working Dad? Did you(or your partner) take paternity leave when you had your little ones?

This wouldn’t have even been thought about 25 years ago, Mums looked after children and kept the home nice while dads went out to work, but this is 2013 and it is now a completely normal idea for dads to stay at home, and I often wish that I had. unfortunately for me (in this situation) I have a good career which pays well and meant i was the main breadwinner so it made sense for me to keep working and my other half to be the one to stay at home. I did take 2 weeks holiday as again statutory paternity pay just wasn’t financially viable for us.

As physically and emotionally draining as it is being a new parent and probably even more so the second time round, the rewards completely outweighed everything else. As 2 weeks drew to an end and the reality of work started to creep in, I began to think, and a question that i’m sure all working dads have asked themselves at some point is “Am i going to miss out on everything?”.

Getting back to work was difficult, thankfully i have a very busy job and the two weeks off made the work load heavier which served well to keep me occupied and make the day go faster (always looking for the positives), i got home and was greeted with cuddles and we’d bath him together, get him settled for the night and take the feeding in turns (see surviving the night feed).

Now its not all as plain sailing as this, working dads can miss out on a lot of things, the key is to make sure you have real quality time.
Remember, just because your little one did something first for someone else, it’s still just as special when you witness it for the first time.

As with most aspects of life with a new baby, it’s all about getting in to a routine but also making sure mummy has some time to herself, and make sure you both get to relax too, don’t burn out, being a new dad back at work can be like two full time jobs.

I love being a dad, work is ok too, and finding a balance is tough but it’s something we’ve been doing for generations and we’ve all turned out ok……….haven’t we?

If you’re a working parent we’d love to here your story