How do we prevent another Hamzah Khan case?

Now i know this is a very sensitive subject to write about on here but the whole situation angers and concerns me!

As a parent i am appalled that this could happen to anyone without someone outside of the family knowing, and with my IT head on I wonder why systems aren’t in place to highlight this issue and help the people on the front line who are bearing the brunt of the media backlash.

There appear to have been some huge failures in the system… again….. and i am left wondering in the age of “Big Data” and “system integration” why oh why has this been allowed to happen again?

Is it the increased media exposure? or is it the fact that it is happening more often? either way, something has to be done about it, and i don’t mean making people accountable, i mean making real and public changes to the systems, without fleecing the tax payer.

My brain has been working over drive since i first read about this and in my line of work as a IT Manager I know that i could create a solution, or implement existing solutions and make them more effective.

This isn’t about selling myself or looking for personal gain from tragedy, its about stopping another poor, defenseless little life being lost.

I will be writing to local NHS Trusts, councils, MPs and civil servants, offering a consultation and to discuss ways to improve their systems and training.

There are so many areas that could be improved.

We have had first hand experience of the failings and the triumphs of the NHS and the whole child care system.

When Tommy 5 days old we asked for help from our health visitor as we believed Tommy wasn’t feeding properly and we were told that everything was ok, Then at day 8 a midwife friend of ours called round to visit in a personal capacity and do Tommy’s week 1 checkup and immediately told us to get him to hospital as he was severely dehydrated and hadn’t been feeding, It’s a difficult situation to find yourself in, knowing that someones failures have almost lost you the most precious thing in the entire world, but also knowing that people make mistakes, and have to try and appreciate the work load etc.

What the over all issue is that the staff within the entire structure appear to be over worked, the systems dated or not fit for purpose and the training is not up to scratch.

Thankfully in Tommys case the outcome was fine, but it begs the question if a family that ask for help and have concerns are being seen but not getting the help they want how easy is it for someone to hide away? how long does that person get remembered as a person not just a drain on resources.

On a positive note, the service we received from the same NHS trust when my other half went in with Advanced Pre-Cancerous Cells was second to non, the reassurance, the confidence the staff had in their ability and the level of care should be used as an example to all patient facing roles.

And at the end of it all there is one thing we need to keep with us is that this little life cannot have been cut short in vain! A lasting legacy needs to come out of this and changes have to be made, and made in the right way.