What do i need to consider for feeding baby on holiday?

Are you heading off on holiday this summer? Trying to find a solution to feeding baby on holiday?

Feeding baby on holiday - Chillipeep Teat

Chillipeep Teat

One of our readers who is a new Mum and is going away early 2014 asked me for my advice on how she could bottle feed her baby without having to take all the usual feeding paraphernalia with her like bottles, sterilizer, boxes of milk powder etc.

My first advice was to speak to her hotel, they should be able to provide a lot of the bulky stuff and see if the know anywhere that she can source the brand of milk she uses, my next step was to check to see if the airline and customs would allow her to take powder or ready made cartons on the plane with her.

According to https://www.gov.uk/hand-luggage-restrictions/baby-food-and-baby-milk you are allowed to take enough food and milk for the journey in your hand luggage, but you would need to check with your airline before traveling.

We then thought about what we had used to feed our little ones over here and how things could help abroad.

Then it it us, The Chillipeeps Re-useable, multi-purpose silicone teat that we reviewed on the main site would be perfect, it comes sterilised and is small and light enough that they don’t take up too much room, and you can sterilise them easily in boiling water after use.

As we mentioned in the review they work great with cartons so the pre-made formula would be ideal to take on holiday if you are concerned that you won’t get the brand you need abroad.

i hope this little bit of advice is helpful and if you have any suggestions or know about anything else that might help feeding baby on holiday please let us know.