I have noticed that blogging about and reviewing baby related products and services is most definitely a mummy dominated area.
As a dad that does this I don’t think I’m alone in saying that sometimes I feel a bit left out.

Even the major brands that advertise on TV are in on it, with strap lines like “made for mums” and “because we know what mums want”.

Dont get me wrong I know quite a bit about marketing and there are statistically more full time mum’s than dad’s so you pick your target market and appeal to the majority, I get that. But the number of stay at home dads has increased ten fold over the last decade to around 1.4 million, now I’m not a stay at home dad and as much I would love to be, for us it’s just not financially viable.I do slip into the stay at home dad role on a Saturday when my other half goes to work.

Instead of feeling left out I think its time to do something about it. I’m going to infiltrate this mum dominated world and drag other dads along too.

I’ll be looking at and possibly setting up some daddy blogger networking sessions as I believe we are an untapped resource that can be utilised by brands big and small to help promote and give honest and reliable reviews and opinions on all kinds of products.

Would you like to just read about a pram, stroller, car seat, etc.  or would you prefer to see how it fits into a range of family cars? How much space is in the boot with a stroller in?

My aim with this blog and the website is to share great products that I have found or been sent, from a dads perspective.

Thanks for reading this, if you want to get involved, work with us in any way, or give us feed back on this or anything else just get in touch or leave a comment. Even if you just fancy a chat :)