I’m sure we’ve all been in this situation. You drive load the whole family in to the car and set off to the supermarket, by the time you arrive at the supermarket the kids are asleep and it’s the first piece of quiet time you’ve had all day.

Now you are faced with two options:
1. Wake the children up and risk two moody angry little people shouting and crying their way around the supermarket.

2. Persuade the other half it would be easier and less hassle if you stayed in the car with the children and they went in and did the shopping.

I always opt for option 2 the only down side to it is the boredom, so today I decided to make things a little more interesting. As soon as Nigella was in the supermarket I started the engine and moved the car to the other side of the car park and sent a simple text “I’ve moved the car…….x”

And so car park hide and seek was born, it’s still new so I might need to practice a bit more to get better………

Next time I might drive home, I’m sure I’d win with that tactic but I might need to make a bed up in the shed.