This Sunday, while most of us dads will be waking up to face the day with a few presents and a day of being spoilt a very good friend of mine and a dad of three will be doing something amazing… and a bit crazy!

Graham has been up at 4am most days for the last 7 months, running 13 miles or cycling 40 miles, or heading down to the pool for a swim in preparation for this weekends up and coming Iron Man UK 70.3 2013 this consists of  a 1.2 mile swim followed by a 56 mile bike ride then a 13.1 mile run all in aid of the charity that has supported his family through the challenges they have faced with their Beautiful Little Girl Hallie (read her story here) who suffers from a rare condition Sturge Weber.

Graham has set up a just giving page and is hoping to raise £1000.

Please help support this wonderful charity here and think of Graham while you are relaxing this weekend!

Graham completed the iron man in just over 8 hours and has already announced that he will be doing it again next year – please keep donating!